Kick-Ass Mobile Dude Joins Crowdpark!

July 3rd, 2012 by


Sebastian recently joined Crowdpark as the official Kick-Ass Mobile Dude. Here he reveals what he’s been up to lately.

I joined Crowdpark in early May 2012 with a background of two and a half years’ experience in the field of social gaming. Most recently, I managed the mobile business of a leading social games publisher in Berlin, getting the chance to specialize in one of the hottest markets in the world.

And now, I’m more than glad to combine all of this with another highly interesting field: Casinos and Betting. I’m a passionate slot machine player in my spare time (which was a well-kept secret until my first day here) and I’ve already spent tons of thrilling hours with my new colleagues playing in the biggest casinos in Berlin.

I can’t reveal too many details about our plans and upcoming products, but I think it’s not hard to guess that Crowdpark is definitely going to enter the mobile market soon. We have skilled iOS developers and game designers, talented artists and a type of product that has a generally higher ARPU (average revenue per user) than most of the other current game genres. All of that combined under one roof is what I call a very promising outlook. The challenge will be to fully realize this potential, and to create a solid and long-term position for our games in the biggest and most attractive mobile markets.

There are countless articles detailing the above-average monetization, superior growth rates, and multi-million dollar revenues, which should not contribute to the fallacy that mobile games are guaranteed to be successful. Although we’re talking about a growing market, in which sales forecasts worldwide for 2013 alone amount to up to 29 billion dollars, we should not forget that there is a significant amount of emerging competitors with numerous new applications released every day. The most relevant and crucial aspect of introducing a new mobile application is ensuring a product of exceptional quality with a fast response to the user’s needs. Creating a system that allows continuous improvement, as well as responding to the users immediately will ensure sustainability, as well as a high-quality product.

We hereby accept the challenge, and I am looking forward to expanding and strengthening Crowdpark’s mobile division in the future.