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I interviewed Francis today to show our readers how awesome he is. Here’s our chat:

CLARA: Hey Francis. I want to show our readers how much we love having you as a driving force on our Crowdpark team. When was it that Crowdpark was lucky enough to recruit you?

FRANCIS: It was a sunny day in May 2011.

What is it you do here?

I’m THE nerd in the company and make the technology decisions around here. If you send us your CV and you’re a developer, I’m the first guy who’ll read it. I’m also one of the drivers for team building and motivation so I keep our troops energized. Other than that, I’m a software architect and engineer. All of this keeps me really busy, but I always seem to find time to get some kicker in.

Could you tell everyone about how you bring magic to our games?

I try to use the newest technology for our apps such as nodeJS, NoSQL Databases (Couchbase, Redis, MongoDB) , Backbone/Sproutcore JS, PHP – Zend Framework 2 (Beta). We also use experimental technology such as Facebook’s HipHop. To do my best work, I need to feed my inner nerd, and using the newest technology is the best way to do that.

Which customized Betty is your favorite?

Catholic School Girl for sure ;-).

What was your favorite computer game growing up?

The Monkey Island – it’s the best game ever!

What’s the best part about working at Crowdpark?

Our team’s awesome! Everyone’s open minded and flexible. We do a thorough job recruiting people who are going to have good synergy with our team so that we all love coming to work. We like to have a good laugh and go out for team drinks from time to time. We’ve got a flat hierarchy and the members of our executive team have strong and complementary personalities, and solid expertise (which is important to a nerd like me!). Working with good people’s always the best work motivation!

What’s your favorite street food in Berlin?

The Burgermeister in Schlesi. It’s delish.

I see around the office that you’re quite the busy guy. Word has it that Crowdpark’s growing their amazing team. What type of person’s on your wish list for new coworkers?

I’d love for us to get in some strong developers who are fun and driven by innovation to join us!

What other tech stuff are you passionate about?

I’m obsessed with nice gadgets! I’m pretty into Arduino’s building development hardware.

Well I’ll let you get back at it. I hope your wish comes true! If there’s anyone awesome out there who wants to join us, email me at